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About Steep

Steep is a parish situated on the eastern edge of the county of Hampshire in southern England. It is fully included in the South Downs National Park which was officially formed in 2010.

Steep is located approximately 35 miles east of Southampton, 20 miles north of Portsmouth and 50 miles south-west of London. The village is thus well positioned for local walking, riding and cycling as well as exploring further afield.

The parish of Steep actually covers a larger area than its busy neighbour, the market town of Petersfield. The distance from north to south of the parish is about three miles and from east to west is about 3.5 miles.

Perched on and beside the wooded slopes known as the East Hampshire Hangers, the villages highest point is 800 feet above sea level and its lowest is at 250 feet.


The Hangers are managed by Hampshire County Council (HCC) in conjunction with other bodies such as Natural England , and include sites of special scientific interest (SSIs). A local group, the Ashford Hangers Preservation Committee, also exists to provide liaison between the village and the various bodies as well as help and support to HCC with the management.

Work was completed in 2015 on a Parish Plan for Steep which updated the Steep Village Design Statement of 2001 and provides a huge amount of background information about the village and its setting.

Apart from the Parish Plan itself, which develops a vision for the future of the area and an action plan for realising that vision, the work also included a detailed assessment of our landscape, a settlement appraisal and a register of key Buildings & Monuments of Steep.

Contact Steep Parish Council for more details.